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Ciro Néstor Novelli

He has released his 5th (fifth) feature documentary “Absolute Evil” and is pre-producing “The Song of the White Rooster” also with his own script and direction. He is executive producer and delegate of the film “Quinografía”, about the life and work of Joaquín Salvador Lavado (Quino). This is an international co-production between Argentina (Curandero) and Spain (El Gatoverde). He is a founding member of CURANDERO PRODUCTIONS.

He is producer of the documentaries “Scafati. Painted Word” (Silvana Diaz Coppoletta), “A Long Yellow Worm” (Silvana Diaz Coppoletta).

She has released the feature documentaries “The Woman in The Photograph” (2020), “Marked Bodies” (2019), “When I say the mountains range. Travel notes” (2018) and “Compadres. Life and work of Armando Tejada Gómez” (2012). All of them count on INCAA support. They have been screened in theaters and national television. He wrote the script and directed the episode “We Are” from the feature film “Story of Grape Harvest” (Special National Grape Harvest Festival. Fictional feature film).